Friday, February 28, 2020

Do government surveillance and data mining operations do more good in Essay

Do government surveillance and data mining operations do more good in protecting against terrorism than they do harm in violating privacy - Essay Example Though sanctioned by the Bush administration, the constitutionality of these acts are being questioned. Another issue is whether wiretapping and data mining are acceptable ways of investigating terrorist threats. The President addressed the controversy in a radio address from the Roosevelt Room by saying that he has the authority to approve wiretapping and surveillance programs and that such activities are being done to protect the Americans' civil liberties. He also claimed that it is a necessary means to prevent terrorist attacks from happening. Bush also condemned the actions of press and media outfits who have exposed the supposedly top-secret program. However, many legal analysts find Bush's arguments unconvincing. The Jurist columnist William Banks in his article, "NSA Eavesdropping and the Fourth Amendment" argues that NSA's domestic surveillance program impinges on the people's rights, especially that of the Fourth amendment, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. His conjecture is that individuals have reasonable expectation of their privacy, so they are therefore entitled to it. Banks believes that warrantless surveillance is not only unconstitutional, it lays a groundwork for abuse. James X.

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