Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Air Asia Case analysis summary Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Air Asia analysis summary - Case Study Example The firm is one of the airline organizations who are more centered on the strategy of how to decrease inefficiency and incorporate the lowest fare in the world as possible. With low complexity, cost-efficiency and productivity, the company has the cornerstone elements of building a strong business (Porter, 2007). In addition, according to Rhoades & Jr. (2005), the most flourishing carriers came to control their hub markets permitting them to exert greater control over capacity and pricing. Founded on this statement, the present issues in AirAsia organization are how to accomplish being the least expensive carrier in the world and still make their profits. In relation to these issues, Rhoades & Jr. said that AirAsia the most thriving carrier in the airline industry permitting them to exercise greater control over capacity and pricing (Porter, 2007). A critical solution to AirAsia achieving its dreams is through utilizing IT and employing E-commerce in their business. These days, E-commerce is becoming a commerce instrument. Also, E-commerce has turned into a vital strategic management technique, which allows a company to advertise, sell products, purchase supplies, track inventory, bypass intermediaries, share information and eliminate paperwork. All in all, electronic commerce is reducing the cumbersomeness and expense, higher profitability and improved products. According to this report, E-commerce can transform the manner of doing business these days. E-commerce becomes a key success to a company to make efficiency and effectively in their industry. AirAsia is one of the organizations, which is employing E-commerce and utilizing their IT usage to make the effectively and efficiency in their company, which will lower the cost of operation of the carrier. AirAsia has an extremely strong management staff with strong relations with airline

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