Friday, October 18, 2019

Computer Forensics Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer Forensics Assignment 2 - Essay Example That demands setting up evidence storage container or lockers. Such lockers ensure security of evidence stored and restricted access by authorized staff. Locks installed should be of high quality and have limited possibilities of distribution of duplicate-keys. Evidence storages should be subject to regular inspections to ensure only current evidence are kept therein and closed cases’ evidence are relocated to secure locations in an off-site facility. The evidence container should be in a position restricted to authorized staff members and the number of people granted access should be minimum. Furthermore, only authorized staff members should inspect lock combinations. In case the investigations use intel-based PCs, computers are necessary. There is need to acquire the right Operating Systems (OS) and other applications. Computer forensics software package should form part of the software acquired (Nelson, Phillips & Steuart, 2009). Specialized software are similarly important. They include software such as Peachtree. Disk-editing software are also necessary for evidence analysis (Nelson, Phillips & Steuart, 2009). Computers may contain incriminating evidence including DNA but professional curiosity has a potential to destroy evidence. It is, therefore, imperative to properly document, collect and package the evidence from a crime scene. The U.S DOJ standards for seizing digital evidence are applicable (The Office of Legal Education, 2011). In the case of a drug dealer’s computer, the following process should be applicable. The investigator should seize the computer together with other peripherals found at the scene. Peripherals include cell phones, scanners and cameras. Printers CDs, DVDs and USB devices should also be seized. After that, the investigators should recognize information that can serve as evidence from the scene of crime. The next stage is to document the evidence

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